Back to School - Updated August 7, 2020

Most Recent Update:

August 7, 2020:
Today we released a fact sheet for families with additional details about face to face and online learning in both elementary and secondary. Click here for the Fact Sheet. 

Past Updates:

August 6, 2020:
Today we released a fact sheet for families with additional details about what returning to school will look like. More details coming soon. Click here for the Fact Sheet.
August 4, 2020:
Today we are releasing a pre-registration form for ALL students in AMDSB. We need each family to respond so that we have a good understanding of which students will be returning to school in-person in September. Details are in this letter. 
July 30, 2020:
Today the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Education announced that all elementary students and most secondary students (including those in Avon Maitland) would be returning to school full-time in September (i.e. Model A). The Minister of Education asked that we share this letter with our families
We will be asking that ALL parents/guardians complete a pre-registration form to indicate their intentions to 1) send their child(ren) to school and 2) have their child(ren) ride the bus (if they are eligible). We will be sending full details about this form next week so please check your email, our website and/or social media pages for this information. 
July 28, 2020:
We are expecting an update from the Ministry of Education on Thursday July 30. Once we receive information, we will send a detailed update to families along with an invitation to complete a brief pre-registration form. 
ALL students in AMDSB will be asked to submit a form. This information will help us plan for September.